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Yasminida is an eco-products manufacturer based in Bali, Indonesia. 


Our growing collection of sustainable products are designed to reduce our impact on the world.  We craft using local and sustainable resources of Bamboo, Coconut, Sisal, Loofah, Beeswax and more.

All items are available from our online stores, or as wholesale, consignment and custom branded products.

Featured Products

Looking to Buy from Outside Indonesia?

View our collection of eco-packages which have been curated to make shipping items worldwide from Bali the most efficient and effective.

Sustainability Starter Pack
The Eco-Goddess
The Earth Warrior
Spread the Love

You can also check our list of international partners to find individual items in your area!

Belanja di Tokopedia!

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About Yasminida Bali

Watch the video for an inside look at our workshop in Batuan, Bali. 

Click below to learn more about our team, our principles and how we're breaking the business concepts that work only for those at the top.

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You might like to check our Frequently Asked Questions page for the quickest answers.  We also have a Sitemap page to make it easy to find and bookmark your favorite pages on our site!

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