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About Yasminida

Whether you're just joining the party or a seasoned eco-warrior, we make it simple and cost-effective to reduce the impact of our daily life on this beautiful home planet.  

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Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Products

Bamboo Cutlery Sets

Pencil Case • Placemat • Mini Pouch

Be prepared to say no to single use plastic cutlery & straws.

These beautiful pieces invite curiosity, starting the conversation about simple and effective sustainable practices.

Bamboo Cutlery Set - Yasminida Ocean
Coconut Dish Cleaning Brush

Eco Homeware

Coconut Brushes • Loofah Body Scrub • Coco Bowls • Bottle Cleaners & more!

The home, particularly kitchen and bathroom items, commonly use toxic and damaging items which are regularly disposed of. 


We're making it easy to make your home more eco-friendly.

Bamboo Straw Sets

Bamboo straws are the best alternative to replace one of the world's largest plastic polluters.  Our sets mean you can have one, or many, at hand so you're always ready to say no to the plastic straw.

Simple Sets • Family Pack

Bamboo Straw Set - Nature
Eco Friendly Shopping Bag - Gaia

Shopping Bags

Multi-Purpose Bags • Mesh Bags • Produce Bags

We love bags, and we poured that love into our designs.  Our range provides your new best friends in eco-friendly shopping with style and purpose.