Our 5 Best Eco-Friendly Products as Alternatives to Plastic

We love all eco-friendly products and anything that helps us reduce the consumption of plastic.  We also love products that don’t require heavy machinery, or excessive labor.  More often than not, simplicity is the key to sustainability.  So while this list could be far longer, we’ll focus on the 5 products we think can make the most difference.

#1 - Bamboo Straws

Plastic straws are not just renowned as one of the biggest, most unnecessary pollutants in the world, they are the easiest to replace.  There are now many options for eco-friendly alternatives to the plastic drinking straw, but we’ve found bamboo to be the best of all the options.

With more and more countries introducing a plastic ban with focus towards plastic straws these eco-alternatives will soon become the new normal.

Plastic straws cost typically around half a cent per straw while bamboo straws typically start around 15x more expensive.  But if you consider the cost per use, you’ll soon find that a reusable bamboo straw can actually be more cost effective than plastic straws!

We offer bamboo straw packs and sets with natural fiber straw cleaners so you can be sure you always have a bamboo straw by your side.

#2 - Bagia Shopping Bag

Like straws, plastic bags are one of the first targets in our global efforts to reduce wasteful plastic consumption.  The eco-friendly shopping bag market has already filled that gap, but few bags offer the kind of consideration our Bagia bag has to offer.  It’s reversible, so you can keep the pockets on the inside to keep things tidy and concealed or flip it inside-out for that extra volume.  Our double layers make it look stylish either way around and it’s size and strength mean you can actually carry everything you might want to.

#3 - Coconut Dish Sponge

Made from different forms of coconut husk, it’s easy to say goodbye to your typical plastic based dish sponge.  The jute (coconut fiber) outer layer is really durable, making this last much longer than a typical dish sponge.  But most importantly, these are products that by nature need to be thrown out every few months.  For the products that we need to throwaway often, we must buy something that we know will soon biodegrade easily.

#4 - Loofah Body Scrub

Loofah is an amazing natural material for cleansing.  It comes straight off the tree as this sponge-like substance.  It’s texture is perfect for scrubbing our skin, just coarse enough to exfoliate, and just soft enough to feel great when used with water.  Once it has served it’s purpose in exfoliating, it can be repurposed easily into a dish cleaner, or for any other material you might want to scrub.

#5 - Makeup Cleaning Pads

These started as a way for us to use our fabric offcuts from other products and have grown to be one of our most popular products.  We combine our offcuts with organic cotton, to make these cute and fresh reusable makeup cleaners.