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Bamboo Straw Sets

Significant progress has been made in the past few years with many countries banning the use of plastic straws.  When it comes to alternatives, the only material that makes sense is bamboo.

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Straw, Bubble Straw & Cleaner

Bamboo Straw Set

Stainless Steel

  • Unsustainable manufacturing

  • Unpleasant metal taste and feel

  • Risk chipping your teeth

  • Burn your lips on hot drinks

  • Risk of death by impalement!


  • Fall apart really fast

  • Still aimed at single-use lifestyle

  • Not always from recycled paper

  • Not always recyclable after use

  • Production reliant on fossil fuels.


  • Break easily

  • Expensive

  • Difficult to personalize

  • Energy intensive production process.

  • Made from 100% natural material

  • Simple production process

  • Super cost efficient

  • 100% Biodegradable

  • Last for thousands of uses.

Bamboo Straws

  • Supports growth of the biggest oxygen producer on the planet 

  • Looks and feels amazing

  • Easy to personalize with your name or company logo.

  • Treated naturally to prevent absorption

  • Coated with natural beeswax

  • Easily available in different sizes

  • Easy to clean.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet.  The world record holding species can grow 3 feet in a single day!

Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide than any other plant.

Bamboo has a greater tensile strength than steel and is more resistant to impact than concrete.

Bamboo is the best solution for renewable forestry.  It can be harvested regularly

Bamboo plants fertilize themselves.  The fallen leaves provide all the nutrients it needs to grow.

Shop Bamboo Straw Sets

Shop Bamboo Straw Sets
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