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Yasminida Product Catalog

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Bamboo Cutlery

Bamboo Straws

All items are available for retail and wholesale.  We can engrave names or logos on some items.  

Take a gentle scroll through this page for photos and quick info on all of our product line.

Bamboo Cutlery Sets

A perfect gift for yourself, a friend or loved one.  Our cutlery sets have been developed with functionality, durability and style as a priority.  Knives that really cut, forks that really prong, and spoons that really scoop.  We take the extra time and care to make sure our cutlery sets aren't just great because they're eco-friendly.

We offer 3 types of casing for our cutlery sets to suit everyone's needs:

Mini Pouch - Our most popular and compact option, easy to keep it with you at all times.  

Placemat - Perfect for picnics, outdoor meals or dining tables, flipped over this becomes a gorgeous decorative placemat.  

Pencil Case - Includes a napkin and made with a high quality zipper, this style also gives a little extra space if you want to add some other items.

Bamboo is a magic material, its properties provide a wide range of functions and applications while being the greatest oxygen producer, one of the greatest absorbers of carbon emissions, and thrives in polycultures.  It is the dream of eco-manufacturing and ours is grown organically, and locally, here in Bali.

Each Bamboo Cutlery Set is complete with a knife, fork, spoon, bamboo straw and straw cleaner, while the pencil case set includes a napkin. Every casing is available in a range of stunning colors and patterns as can be found on the pricelist page.


Our homes, kitchens and bathrooms are a root cause of regular plastic waste.  We're continuing to develop eco-friendly home products to replace the standard items.  With every item we have found it makes our home look and feel more beautiful, and it functions better than their plastic counterparts, all at a similar price point. 

Coconut Collections

Coconut is probably the most sustainable timber available and can be found in abundance here in Bali.  Every single part of the tree gets used from the coconuts and leaves throughout its life to the timber at its end.  We use the husk for brushes, fabric and coir, we use the shells to create bowls and trays, and the timber for our brush handles and cutlery.  The phrase "Zero Waste" gets a whole lot easier with a material that is so efficient to use in its entirety.

All of our Coconut Cutlery is available with the same cases as our bamboo cutlery.

Shopping Bags

Plastic bags have been the first casualty in the war on plastic.  Their end has paved the pathway for our greener future.  In their place we're already seeing a flurry of beautiful reusable bags as people turn a necessity into a style statement.

So we're pleased to present our own range of eco-friendly shopping bags.  Hover over each style below to learn a little about each option.

Bagia - Beige.jpg

Bagia is the part of a Balinese Temple where offerings are placed.

It is also the name we have given to this amazing reversible bag with 6 stretch-fit pockets for extra space.

Shopping Bag - Jegeg - Beige.jpg

Jegeg means beautiful in Balinese.

This beautiful bag is made for extra strength and style with a beige or tropical leaf lower half, and a high quality mesh upper half.

Gaia Bag - With Veggies.jpg

Gaia, our great mother earth.​  Some say you could fit the whole world in this bag!

The complete mesh bag is stylish, functional and semi-transparent so you can always find what you're looking for.

Veggie Bag Set of 7pcs.jpg

This set of 7 Veggie bags are great for weighing and storing your veg without using plastic at the supermarket or farmers market.

Easy to wash and pack within one each other.

Bamboo Straws & Straw Cleaners

We provide bamboo straws and straw cleaners individually and as sets.  Our straw cleaners use sisal fibers for the bristles, unlike most on the market using nylon (synthetic) bristles.  Sisal from the agave plant is completely natural and the stainless steel handles are made from 70% recycled materials and are easy to reuse and recycle.

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