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Eco Homewares

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Made from Hand-Carved Coconut

Decorative Tray

What is an Eco Home?

The idea of an Eco-Home is to minimize your household's impact on the environment. 

A home is where we spend the vast majority of our time, besides work.  Multiply one household's daily impact by billions of homes worldwide we can understand just how much a seemingly small impact gets amplified:

• A plastic toothbrush every 2-3 months

• Plastic cotton buds / cue tips each day

• A polyurethane dish sponge that wears out each month

• All kinds of cleaning brushes with plastic handles and plastic bristles

This is just the beginning.  Take a look around your home and try and see how many items have been created in an environmentally destructive process, and/or will ultimately end up as landfill. 

If everyone were to swap out their daily household products, for something that is non-destructive, the world would see a whole lot less pollution in all forms.  We want to see environmentally friendly lifestyle choices, become the new normal.

Shop Eco Homewares

Shop Eco Homewares
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