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Laser Engraving for Custom Branding


Engraving is a great way to brand your natural products without the need for labels or plastic stickers.  They look classy and cannot be removed.  For businesses this is ideal, but for individuals this can be the perfect way to personalize a gift item.


Costs of engraving are based on the time the machine is in use, this comes to approximately IDR 2,000 (USD $0.14) per minute.  See our full list of typical prices below.  Note that engraving prices do not reduce based on higher quantities as there is no reduction in cost to us.

There may be an additional design/prep fee if your work requires custom molds, frames or significant edits to design work.  A flat fee of IDR 200,000 (USD $14.00) is applied if this is necessary and agreed beforehand.

Best Format for Logo/Design Files?

Design files are best delivered in .PSD, .AI, .PNG, .JPG, or .PDF formats.  If designs have layers or different depths of engraving applied it is best to submit the full design file with layers.  Files can be sent to  For larger files please use

Quality and Resolution

A typical engraving runs at 250 DPI (dots per inch)​.  Our highest resolution possible is 508 DPI.  The time it takes to run higher resolutions increases exponentially, e.g. a graphic that takes 1minute at 250 DPI, might take approximately 5minutes at highest resolution. 

Designs that include script fonts or thin lines will require higher resolution.  Similarly designs that are detailed or engraved within a smaller space will require higher resolution.

Accuracy & Tolerance

Many natural/handmade products have slight variances of a few millimeters in size or shape to suit the material.  For bamboo containers as an example, bamboo poles are not perfectly round.  We appreciate the uniqueness of each and every natural product, but this can mean that a small portion of particular items engraved might be 1-2mm off-center.  In most cases this is barely noticeable, but particular designs make this more distinct than others, like trying to place a design perfect circle inside a non-perfect circle bamboo lid.  We'll be sure to let you know if we encounter/or expect this once we receive your design.

Depth of Burn

Depending on the material, burn can run to a depth of a fraction of a millimeter for a light burn.  A slightly darker burn can provide more contrast to give clearer definition.  A deep burn can become embossed with a clear look and feel.

We recommend a medium burn on bamboo and a deeper burn on coconut to provide the right definition and aesthetic of the graphic.

We can also do embossing, inverting the design so everything but the logo is burnt leaving the logo exposed outwards.  This however takes considerably longer and therefore incurs a significantly higher cost.

Engraving Pricelist

Bamboo/Coconut Cutlery Sets: IDR 9,500

Bamboo/Coconut Spork Sets: IDR 8,500

Individual Cutlery Pieces: IDR 3,000

Straw Set - 2pcs: IDR 2,000

Straw Set - 6pcs: IDR 3,500

Straw Set - 12pcs: IDR 6,000

Brush Handles: IDR 5,000

Coconut Bowls: IDR 12,000

Bamboo Container Lids - Small - 3-5cm: 5,000

Bamboo Container Lids - Medium - 5-8cm: 7,500

Bamboo Container Lids - Large - 8-12cm: 12,000

Custom Prices: IDR 2,000 per minute.  E.g. 50x Custom pcs at 2minutes per piece = IDR 200,000 (USD $14.00)

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