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Yasminida Gift Card

IDR 100,000

Give a Special Christmas Gift Card to a friend, family or loved one. Ensure your gift encourages sustainable living and the person gets an item/s they want or need!...

IDR 100,000
IDR 250,000
IDR 500,000
IDR 1,000,000

Why are our gift cards the perfect gift?

Maybe the person you're planning to gift is already eco-conscious and will appreciate the fact you recognized and support that.  Or, perhaps they're not so eco-aware and could do with a wonderful way to be introduced to living more sustainably!  Win/Win!

What makes our gift cards better than the 'norm'?
Every year, especially over Christmas, many physical gift cards go unused.  People go through all of the holiday festivities and by the time they get round to using their gift card, it's too late.  For the retail giants, this is like printing free money.  It's predicted that several billion dollars worth of physical gift cards go to waste each year!

We don't believe in money for nothing, and above all, we make our products to see them used!  So when we decided to make gift cards available we decided to ensure they cannot go to waste.

Our gift cards are digital and valid for 6 months.  Each month after the first, we will send an email reminder to use the gift card, until it's been used.  If after 6 months (and 5 reminders) the card has still gone unused we will pick the best items of equal value and donate them to local schools.

You can schedule when the gift card is sent, so it can be received on Christmas day, birthday's or any other celebration or gifting opportunity.

Once the the gift card is used, we will send a 10% discount code to the purchaser.  This way you know your gift card you have given has been put to good use, and you get a little bonus to say thank you for choosing our products as your gift.

To gift and to be gifted!

I couldn't understand gift cards when I was younger.  'Why confine the spending power of cash to one store?' I thought.

A little older, and over the years I've received some incredible gifts.  Some that cost little yet held a world of value, some fun, quirky, comical, and a few that might have been best left on the shelf.

I've put on my best fake smile through some of the more questionable or bland gifts from friends and family.  I should have received an Oscar for some of my "Thanks, I really needed more socks" performances. 

Most of us know someone who is annoyingly good at gifting, either through natural wizardry or because they considering gifting a competitive sport.  Few are on this level, and most far from it.  We've each judged and been judged on gift giving prowess.  For most of us, choosing the right gift is a real challenge, even for the people we know inside out.

All of a sudden gift cards are looking pretty ideal:

• You don't risk wasting money on something your gift receiver won't like. 

• You won't think you've rocked it out the park, only to find your gift sat in a messy cupboard when you help your bestie move house 3 years later.

• The receiver has a much better chance of picking out the perfect item for themselves than you do, yet picking the right store or concept still shows you know them.

• E-Gift Cards are instantly available so you don't have to worry about delivery or arriving on time.

• If you're gifting someone overseas there are no postage costs or hassle.

• Worst case scenario, they don't like anything from the store you bought the gift card for, they can use it, and keep it as a gift for you, or someone else.

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