Meet the Team

One of the keys to sustainability is knowing where your products came from and who made them.

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Yasminida Muridan Perry

Founder & Director

"Hi, I'm Yasmin.  I started Yasminida Bali in 2016, equipped with a second-hand sewing machine and a mission!


To prevent the use of environmentally damaging, single-use plastic products, there has to be sustainable alternatives.

As consumers we play a key role in protecting our future, through the purchasing choices we make.  To make a difference, we have to make those choices easier!

We all must be more proactive in reducing our daily waste since our actions have massive impact on the forests, lands, oceans, our animals, the air we breathe, every part of our precious eco-system.

We produce all kinds of home and lifestyle products to accompany your daily activities and will continue to expand our catalog  wherever we find a plastic problem we can help fix.  We pay careful attention to every single product to make sure it is functional and sustainable.  We buy our materials as close to home as we can, to reduce our carbon footprint, and support our local farmers and local artisans.

The majority of our products are made in house and we also work with local suppliers.  Our goal is to help as many artisans as possible to create a sustainable local economy, with fair trade at the heart of our business.  We find a way to make use of almost every material that comes in our door to help us achieve a goal of being completely zero-waste.

My personal commitment in making products is to help assist everyone’s transition to lead a more sustainable life.  I believe that with the right tools for the job, we can all do this together."

Lloyd Perry

Marketing & IT

"We were living in a small house in Ubud, Bali, when Yasmin left the day job to pursue a more fulfilling work life. 

One day, she came home with a second hand sewing machine and proceeded to make a 'Traka-traka-traka-traka' sound in our living room. 


Her creations quickly began to sell, and soon our entire house was covered with fabric.  After 6 months, the only surface left uncovered was my desk, which remained sacrosanct.  Meal times took place on the floor, and any moment besides food and sleep, you could hear that sewing machine chattering away.

So, I helped form the company, by kicking my wife out...

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Like everything Yasmin sets her mind to, it was destined to expand and in no time she was in full need of a workshop, a team, an office.  Whether intended or not, this had become a business.

In May of 2020, I took the leap and joined Yasminida officially and full time.  Yes, right in the early stages of a financial crisis and global pandemic, I figured best thing to do was to change career path and work for the wife-boss!  And it was.  2020 had it's troubles (to say the least) but I am proud to be a part of this great team.

So what do I do?  I do all the techy computer stuff, this website, graphics, e-commerce, accounting, etc." 


The Team

Our awesome team shown above and below continue to amaze us with their abundant energy.  Full of character, our team balances dedication and hard work with endless laughter and heartful support for one another.  Together we ride the waves of running our business, producing orders, learning how to make new eco-products and all that our venture entails.  Come and visit the office and meet our team, you'll soon see there is never a dull day in our workshop!

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