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Bamboo Cutlery Set - Mini Pouch

IDR 95,000



The most popular and the most compact option. The mini pouch gives just enough space to comfortably fit your cutlery, straw, and straw cleaner. This makes it super portable, easy to pack anywhere. The easier it is to carry, the more likely it won?t get left behind!

Loofah Body Scrub

IDR 57,500



This is near the top of our favorites list. It feels great to use and exfoliates the skin with just the right level of roughness. Loofah, or Luffa, is a tropical plant of the cucumber family. It falls right off the tree with this amazing texture for us to embellish.

Bagia Shopping Bag

IDR 375,000



Reversible with 6 stretchy pockets, this is the bag for everything! Keep the pockets inside, or flip the bag to make extra space on the outside for your veggies while shopping. Stylish, practical, padded straps, tons of space, what more could you want?!


Straw Set - Standard

IDR 20,000



With 2 straws a brush and a carry case. We all know the damage caused by the millions of single-use plastic straws used on a daily basis. The bamboo straw set is easy to carry so you?re always ready to say no to plastic straws wherever you are.

Bamboo Cutlery Set - Placemat

IDR 115,000



The best picnic and dining partner. A placemat set looks great, it rolls out and displays your cutlery beautifully, each with their own compartment. Flipped over it becomes a gorgeous decorative placemat so you can eat anywhere in style.


Gaia Shopping Bag

IDR 140,000



The complete cotton mesh bag. Perfect for carrying shopping, laundry, towels and swimwear. We use a high quality, super durable cotton mesh, sewn for extra strength by our garment team.


Straw Set - Family

IDR 30,000



6 Straws, 2 Brushes and a carry case. Enough for the whole family or to share with friends. Half the mission is spreading the word and sharing bamboo straws is a great way to show people that these are not just eco-friendly, they?re nicer to use.

Coco Bowl Set of 3 with Case

IDR 125,000



We kept hearing from frequent travelers that they wished they could carry their bowls with them. The carry case means you can bring 3 bowls with room for cutlery. Our beautiful tropical pattern fabric matches this ?Island life? feel.

Bamboo Cotton Buds

IDR 55,000



Get a pack of 50 bamboo cotton buds with your own bamboo container. 100% natural and biodegradable. We use bamboo sticks with organic cotton buds. When you?re getting low, just buy a refill and keep your bamboo container for future.

Bamboo Cutlery Set - Pencil Case

IDR 110,000



Our pencil case set is perfect for those who always find themselves in need of a little extra carry space. This set comes with a napkin to wipe or wrap your cutlery after use to ensure the other items you add to your pencil case stay clean and dry.


Jegeg Shopping Bag

IDR 130,000



Combining the semi-transparent mesh with a solid fabric, the Jegeg bag has a unique look with a summery feel. As with all of our bags, volume is the key, and this has tons of space. Jegeg is the Balinese word for ?Beautiful?.


Coco Coir - 3pcs

IDR 35,000



A great alternative to plastic cleaning pads, nothing says ?I?m 100% natural and biodegradable? than a chunk of coconut husk. With heavy use these do only last 3-4 weeks, but for many, this is as frequent as changing a kitchen sponge.

Makeup Cleaning Pads - 6pcs

IDR 45,000



The inspiration came as a way to use our offcuts. We combine left over fabrics from our garment team with an organic cotton pad to make these beautiful, fresh cleaning pads. These are really easy to wash and use again and again.

Coconut Carved Soap/Incense Tray

IDR 30,000



Here in Bali we believe the smoke of incense carries the essence of our offerings to the Gods while making out environment smell lovely. These decorative trays made from coconut husk can be used for incense and also make a wonderful soap holder.


Produce Bag - 7 Piece Set

IDR 250,000



7 sizes of draw string bag to carry your vegetables. As we weigh our items in the supermarket we?re often still encouraged to use plastic. With a range from 20-45 square centimeters there?s a bag for every size that?s got you covered.

Makeup Cleaning Pads - 12pcs

IDR 60,000



Whilst we know these work great for removing makeup, they?re also perfect for cleaning your brushes and you?ll soon find yourself using them all over the place. The pouch makes it effortless to carry with you or keep your bathroom tidy.

Natural Bottle Cleaner

IDR 55,000



Recycling bottles and bringing your own water bottle is an amazing way to cut down plastic use. Our bottle brush is made with a coconut handle and fibers from coconut husk. It cleans really well and looks at home by any kitchen sink.

Natural Dish Cleaner

IDR 50,000



Cleaning with a handle keeps your hands free from dirt and grease while providing extra weight and purchase. Say goodbye to ugly ragged plastic kitchen scour pads. Coconut husk is coarse and strong, it just looks great and it gets the job done.









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