Re-useable • Chemical Free • Durable • Functional • Natural • Practical • Portable • Handmade in Bali, Indonesia


Our bamboo is naturally treated and coated with a natural beeswax sealant.  Our team of artisans and woodworkers carefully craft each piece of cutlery through 14 stages from raw material to finished product. 

We set out to make sure our cutlery items look and feel great, but also function as well as, or better than, regular cutlery.  We’ve diligently developed our design to put our cutlery a step above the rest.  Our knives are sharp enough to really cut, forks can really prong, and spoons have a deep curvature.  This simply takes time, care, and quality control.

These sets are perfect for travelling, lunch breaks, meals on the go, festivals.  Anywhere we have the opportunity to say no to single-use plastics is a win for us and a win for mother nature.

Our sets typically last for at least 2-3 years and we’re happy to back that up with our guarantee!  We offer 3 different types of cases for our Bamboo Cutlery Sets:


Mini Pouch Case – The most popular and the most compact option.  The mini pouch gives just enough space to comfortably fit your cutlery, straw, and straw cleaner.  This makes it super portable, easy to pack anywhere.  The easier it is to carry, the more likely it won’t get left behind! 

Bamboo Cutlery: Mini Pouch Set


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