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Yasminida Product Development & Sampling

As a creative team we’re often asked to help companies and individuals develop their first samples for custom orders on products from bamboo, coconut wood or fabrics.  We’re always happy to create something new and exercise this passion, but it does come with some challenges to weave this into our daily business.

Creating a sample takes much more time and resources than producing items already in our repertoire.  As such we’ve made an outline for product sampling and appropriate costs as below.

As described under "non-exclusive", you will see that some of the fees are returned should you proceed to make a bulk order with us.

Sampling FEEs

Yasminida will decide which category your product development brief falls under based on communications:

A) Modification Sample = $50 + Materials

Adjustments to a product we already produce.  For example, using a different kind of fabric material that we can already source, adjusting shape or measurements, etc.

B) Simple Sample = $100 + Materials

Client sends to us a detailed design brief with all measurements and clear photo or mockup of the product, or otherwise provides a physical sample for us to recreate.  Simple sample must be using materials which we are already sourcing or are otherwise easily able to source here in Bali.

C) Complex Sample & Product Development

Our team will help realize your concept from an initial idea, through design considerations until we have the final sample complete.  Any items for which we don't already have the materials may require additional expense to cover our time sourcing these.  We will create a quote for you following discussion of your product vision once we have an understanding of what needs to be done to develop a sample.

Schedules for Sampling

Our current orders always have to come first before any future potential orders.  As such, expect times of 3 to 6 weeks for us to produce samples depending on our current status and the complexity of the sample, or difficulty to source materials.  Longer times are always preferable, and nobody wants to rush anything that could be the next big hit.

Product Pricing

We can only tell you what price we can sell the item for once we have completed the sample.  We calculate the cost of materials and labor, then reduce the labor time by an appropriate percentage, given that it will be quicker to reproduce than produce the first time.



We welcome making revisions until the product sample meets the customers wishes, or up to a maximum of 3 sample revisions, whichever comes first.  We must however ensure that communications are clear and specific to ensure we meet this goal as efficiently as possible.  All materials costs for revisions are to be covered by the client.



Clients are under no obligation to produce the items with us after we have completed the sample.  The sampling fee and sourcing fee ensures we don’t need to worry about this.  If you do choose to keep production of your items with us, we will deduct 50% of the sampling fee from the first order of $250 or more.


Privacy, Copyright, Non-Disclosure

Should a client come to us with an exclusive design, unique idea, holds copyright, patents, trademarks, etc.  We respect all of these and can sign non-disclosure agreements provided by the client where considered necessary.

Legal Immunity WAIVER

Our clients will have to sign a waiver, which we provide, stating and clarifying that Yasminida ​is not legally responsible if we are asked to produce products using a design for which someone else holds a copyright. 


In addition to legal immunity please note that we respect the creativity and ingenuity of others and if the goal is to completely copy someone else's product, we'd rather you just buy it from them!


Investing in a product sample is a small up-front cost.  An item as seemingly simple as our bamboo cutlery sets have gone through several design updates and tweaks as we improved upon them and work with the characteristics of the material.  The result of careful development with even a simple item is something that looks and functions better than the competition.

We are pleased to share and bring our knowledge and experience to your future product.  Just click the email icon in the footer below to Contact Us and begin.

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