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Lufa Natural Body Scrub

Lufa Natural Body Scrub


Loofah, also known as Gourds, is another magical plant.  Fresh from the tree this sponge like material is a great natural scrubber and exfoliator.  The texture feels just coarse enough to provide a thorough cleanse without any harshness.


We've sewn to this a comfortable handle making it easy to keep a firm grip.  Beyond exfoliating, the loofah sponge can also help to reduce stress and stimulate blood circulation.  It is important to carefully maintain the Loofah scrub for use with the skin.  After about 6 months of use it may be best to use this as a scrubber for other forms of cleaning, like kitchen counters.

Indonesia - Local shipping will be applied at checkout.  Items are delivered by Kantor Pos.


International - As a small company in Bali, Indonesia we're not quite ready to distribute single items but we're working on getting this set up!  


Contact Us and we'll let you know if there are any retailers for our products in your country, or we can help put together a group or wholesale order.

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