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The Sustainability Blog

We want to share some helpful insights from what we've learnt as a manufacturer of sustainable products in South-East Asia, and as humans on the path to a more sustainable life.

The complete guide to this magic sponge that we love so dearly!

Image by Marek Okon

Discussing what makes a wood inherently more likely to be sustainable and the multiple uses for coconut products.

These are our favorite picks when it comes to reducing plastic waste and leading a more natural and sustainable lifestyle.

Lufa Scrub - 1.jpg
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Exploring how and why the shopping mall and high street stores will need to adapt to a future that wants real, sustainable products.

Why bother using a straw anyway?  Is a Glass straw better? Stainless Steel?  We explore and rate each option of the available alternatives to plastic.

Pulau PLastik cover.jpg

This incredible documentary has truly kept our brains busy.  Here we share some of those thoughts about the film and its message.

A recap of what brought us to present day and how we plan to recover from the past year.

Image by Theodor Eilertsen Photography
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