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International Shipping on Wholesale Orders

Shipping Costs

At Yasminida our focus is on creating eco-products.  When it comes to getting these to you, we have established relationships with several other shipping companies here in Bali.


We’re happy to put you in touch with these companies, or even communicate with them on your behalf, however, please understand we do not set or otherwise have any influence on prices, quotes, or costs of shipping companies.  We don’t take any cuts or add any costs to shipping as this is simply not our business and we prefer to focus on what we do.

Shipping Quotes

When asked for a shipping quote for your order, it is difficult to accurately estimate the final volume and weight on packed items unless we have experience from packing a similar order. 

We can give a rough idea based on our experience, but please understand we cannot offer you an official quotation until your items have completed production and are packed and ready to go.

Any estimates given prior to official quotations are in no way guaranteed.

Your own Shipping Partner

If you have your own shipping partner, we are happy to deliver your order to their office/warehouse here in Bali, free of charge.


We include at no charge, standard size cardboard boxes and packaging for your order.  For any orders that require more complex or unique packaging, for example in preparation for fulfilment or distribution centers, we will provide a quote based on expected costs of materials and labor.

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