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Yasminida - Ocean


Blue & White


Additional Patterns - Wholesale Products

Phalani Designs

Custom Prints & Colors

Custom Prints

We most commonly use traditional screen printing.  Our screens are handmade locally and once the screen has been made it can be used many times over. 


We also have access to digital fabric printing which can give better results on certain materials though comes at a higher cost. 


We can also use traditional hand stamp prints on the right patterns, like the Phalani fish designs shown above.  This style provides a pattern consistency, whilst also giving each print it's own authenticity.


Plant Based Natural Dyes

Natural dyes are fantastic though don't provide the consistency of their inorganic alternatives.  If you provide us with a color sample, we can work to find the right balance of natural dyes to get as close as possible, typically within about 95% accuracy.

Our Fabric Options

Organic Cotton - GOTS Certified

The Global Organic Textile Standard is the most commonly recognized certification for organic fabrics.  These fabrics look and feel fantastic and must maintain standards to ensure minimal impact on the environment. 


License #: PRJ 803338/943487, GOTS-CUC-03.

Recycled & Repurposed Cotton

We have many sources of recycled cotton.  Many find some difficulty in using recycled cotton on the basis that customers often prefer consistency and brands prefer the same fabrics and designs to maintain their brand.  We will always prefer to use recycled cotton where possible as we believe the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, however we also completely understand the need for regularity.

Repurposed cotton comes mostly in the form of offcuts.  We don't throw away scraps, instead we find a use case for every bit of material we have.


Raw Cotton

We use high quality, raw, unprocessed cotton.  This means we're able to provide the consistency that cotton is known for, without the impact of the bleaching process.

Indonesia's cotton supplies are convoluted.  There are imports of raw cotton which are woven into textiles across Indonesia, there is raw cotton grown and processed here, and imports of complete fabrics from a range of countries.  By the time they arrive at our supplier, it is rarely clear the exact journey they have taken.

It is important to note that any products we produce from raw cotton are designed and intended to be used a great number of times.  Our products are a long way from the fast-fashion industry that have rightly given cotton its reputation.  We recommend the upgrade to our GOTS certified organic cotton, but also understand budget constraints and a limited supply don't always make this accessible.

Other Fabrics - Linen, Silk, Hemp

We keep limited stocks of, and can source other fabrics upon request, though we should point out that we will not provide any poly-fabrics or fabrics containing micro-plastics.









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