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Our featured products and introduction to Yasminida Bali.

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LOGIN/SIGNUP – Takes you to our members area.

SHOP – Online Store featuring all of our products.

ABOUT – Information about Yasminida company values.  Additional link to information about OUR TEAM.

CATALOG – Overview of Yasminida Products.  Additional link to our RETAIL PRICELIST.

BLOG – Articles related to sustainability and running a small eco-business.

FAQ – All the Frequently Asked Questions about our Products and Services.

CART – View Items you’ve added to cart and proceed to checkout.

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BAMBOO CUTLERY – Information about our Bamboo Cutlery Products.

ECO HOME – Information about our Eco Homeware Products.

BAMBOO STRAWS – Information about our Bamboo Straws, Cleaners & Sets.

SHOPPING BAGS – Information about our Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags.

FACEBOOK – Link to our Facebook Business Page.

INSTAGRAM – Link to our Instagram Business Page.

CONTACT – Contact form and location info.

SITEMAP – This page.

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More helpful pages:

PAYMENTS – All the info you could want about payments, transfers, exchange rates, deposits, etc.

WARRANTY – What happens if anything that shouldn't have left our workshop, left our workshop.

CARE & MAINTENENCE – How to get the most life and use out of your products.



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MY ACCOUNT – Introducing your Members Area and deals available in our online store.

ORDER HISTORY – View receipts from any of your past orders with us.

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SHIPPING ADDRESS – Manage where we send your orders unless otherwise specified.

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PARTNERS – Learn about the ways we can work together.

CONSIGNMENT – Easily build, view, and manage your consignment inventory, request stock, and submit sales reports in a few clicks.

WHOLESALE – View all of our wholesale prices with live currency conversions and helpful information.

CONTRACT ORDERS – Learn about lowest possible rates we give for consistent orders.

CUSTOM ORDERS – Everything to know about working with us to design your own customized eco-products or adding your own company/personal branding to our products.

DISTRIBUTORS – Consider distributing our products with our branding in your country.

FABRIC OPTIONS – Choose from our current lineup of fabrics.