Frequently asked questions

Can you ship outside Indonesia?

Yes! We can ship orders of any size internationally. Products purchased from our online store are only available for shipping within Indonesia. We're working to find suitable distribution centers in USA, Europe & Australia at the moment and hope to be able to ship directly to/from many more countries soon. Contact Us for a shipping quote, or otherwise we may be able to put you in touch with someone in your country who has stock of our products for sale.

Can I add my name or company logo to a Utensil Set?

Yes! There is a small fee for engraving and you can send your designs or name by email to us.

Can I come and visit your factory in Bali?

We love to welcome guests! But we also need to manage our time appropriately, so please contact us to make an appointment. If our regular visiting hours aren't possible just let us know and we'll work something out.

What payment methods do you accept?

Webstore: We accept major Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, Paypal and Offline Payments. Local Transfers: We use Bank BCA for which we provide details in our invoices or in the offline payments option on our webstore. International Transfers: We prefer Transferwise, by a long way! It's simpler, the fees are minimal, it's fast and efficient. Paypal: Charge high percentages and fixed fees to both sender and receiver. They provide terrible currency exchange rates. We prefer not to use Paypal unless this is your only suitable payment method.

Is Yasminida Bali a charity or social project?

In short, No. We haven't made any special effort to hire those who are disabled or otherwise facing hardship. We've hired those who needed work and were capable and talented. We do support various causes of our own accord and you may come across special edition products supporting a particular cause. Otherwise, we aim to be a regular business that supporting those who support us. It is our long term goal to have a far more significant impact in our society, but the first challenge is to provide greater stability for our small business so we can grow into this without compromise.

Do you produce everything in house?

We do our best to source materials as locally as possible and produce almost everything in our workshop so that we can keep a close eye on the quality of products produced and the quality of our work environment. We do however currently have some fabrics come from overseas and where neceassary we partner with some other businesses to meet demand where we cannot. It is our long term goal to have everything produced in house.

Can I get a deal or a discount?

Discounts will be published through our newsletters and social media and a range of discounts can also be found in the members area! Two of our main goals:

1. To see eco-products becoming mainstream and used in place of plastics on a daily basis.
2. To support our team and the work they do. To achieve these we have to find the best price points that make our products accessible while covering all of the costs of running a business, with paying our staff a good wage at the forefront.

Our prices have been carefully considered and whilst negotiation is common in business, and in Bali, we've taken care of that negotiation already, so you get the best price we can offer, saving everyone some time!

Can you help me develop and produce my own product?

Yes! We love collaborating on new products and helping people achieve their product dreams. We have a bamboo department and a garments department and a wide range of connections in manufacturing in Indonesia.

We can work with you to develop a prototype and then produce your product and of course we have full respect for your privacy and intellectual property.

You can find more details on this on our Product Development & Sampling page.









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