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Warranty - Replacement & Refunds Policy

Mistakes can happen...

We do all we can to maintain quality control, but sometimes mistakes find a way to sneak their way out of our door.  If you find any issues with your order, we're happy to discuss and find a suitable solution.

This is not an endless page of technical legalese nobody understands that forces your false agreement to protect us from lawsuits.  We don't use internet robots, automated messages or closed loop support forums.  We're not gonna make you sit for 2-hours listening to a muffled 30-second advertising jingle on our "helpline".

We're humans, we're here, you can call us, write us, talk to us, visit us, discuss and any issues with us and we'll do all we can to find an optimal solution.

Return & Replace

To be eligible for a replacement, you will need to notify us, within 7 working days of receiving your products

Send an email to with details of product defects, please include photos.

We will respond within 48-hours and once we've confirmed the issue is our responsibility, we can discuss the best ways to handle this.  Any defect items will need to be returned to the Yasminida Bali office before we send out any replacements, at cost to the buyer.

Please note that custom made products may take longer to replace for which we will give an estimated time scale in our initial response to your replacement request.  Similarly, if we don't have items in stock ready to send out as replacements, production will begin within 48-Hours of confirmation with the goal to get replacements to you as soon as physically possible.

Refunds & Credit

We're a small business on a tight budget, keeping costs down for our clients and customers.  We prefer replacements over refunds, as an opportunity to make up for any mistakes and turn a bad story into a good one.

As such we do not guarantee the possibility of a refund.  If, at our discretion, this is considered fair and feasible we may provide a refund, however all goods will first need to be returned to the Yasminida Bali office at cost to the buyer.

We can also offer credit for confirmed defects equal to 110% of the value of defect products.  For example, buyer orders 100 cutlery sets at IDR 100,000 per set, and receive 1 defect.  We may provide IDR 110,000 credit towards future orders.

Shipping & Transportation Costs & Insurance

All shipping and transportation costs are the responsibility of the buyer for any returns to or from Yasminida Bali.

Any goods that have been damaged in shipping are the responsibility of the shipping company.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure their shipment includes insurance.  Any shipments assisted by Yasminida will include shipping insurance.

Any handling or submission of claims on shipping insurance are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Yasminida is not a shipping company and our recommendations, support and assistance in working with shipping services do not equate to a responsibility for these companies or their services.

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